Thursday, June 23, 2005

However you shout....

However you shout, you will never beat the X-43A's speed!!!

X-43A is a NASA's guinness winning scramjet plane and holds the record of 9.6 Mach... Wow!!!

So, it flies 10 times as fast as sound goes. I've heard sprinters such as running on 100M track in 10 sec may feel strange visual scenary during their sprint; they see views flows away and see only a spot over the goal line. But, they can run only just above 20miles/h, which is only 1/30 of sonic speed. If I compare the fastest man on the earth versus the X-43A, the future machine can fly more than 300 times faster than the man.

So, I wonder what I feel and what I see if I sit on the jet flying at about Mach 10!!! It should be way beyond humans imagination...

I'm curious how human brain reacts under such incredible world. Does the circumstance activate their brains more or rather, inhibit some normal activation in the brain??? Someone has to do it on the place :P Well, as you can easily think, if the jet accelerate too fast, then G force would fightlessly terminate your heart and lung function... :P

Monday, June 20, 2005

No regulation for playing othello on the street!?

That was really hilarious to find those two girls, even one of them on the left is wearing Yukata (a Japanese traditional summer dress), were playing othello on the street next to the Yoyogi Park in Tokyo.

You may believe that's normal thing to catch a glance that two old men playing chess on the street right next to a cafe in Europe or one of the western countries. I totally agree with it. But, the thing is though, even they are playing such puzzle game with folding their legs!!! I know in Japan, they play traditional table games by folding their legs, for instance, "Sho-gi" or "Go". But, they are usually held inside of a house!!! Not on the steet!!! Plus, othello is not Japanese traditional thing at all what she needs to wear for formal performance at all!!!

The scenary in my eyes is like what you are wearing a swimsuit and lecturing about serious politics in front of university students in a math class.

There is no way that I could come up with such insane idea!!! So, they've got 5 stars at the street performance from me in which many other is doing generic, normal, and usual music or comedy performances.

That's what they need to do. And you know what, this is happening not only once a year but on very every weekend at the street!

Amazing place here is, Tokyo!!!

"Playing Music Prohibited"---Can't they read the sign!?

The sign-board on the back of the performers says, "Playing Music Prohibited" in red.

There may be something under the table thing between the city regulators and those players; however, it was so funny to see that they might be playing such music right in front of the sign.

That was in the Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, this time, I was so amazed by finging many people in a huge park--- of course, this is Tokyo, I should remind--- plus at the same time, that was really sensational to me seeing so many people performing on the street for free!!!

Well, getting back to the point, I was so inspired by them and was made me feel doing something on the street sometime... well... what can I do??? Showing off my stupidity? funny face? crazy Maro dance? or very simple--- a drunk guy with a can of beer wandering on the street with my roommate!? :P The right answer is... probably you get it right :P

Friday, June 10, 2005

Lever... That's raw!!!

Have you tried this Japanese original raw lever sashimi? It really looks like beef, or tuna fish though, it is lever. This time, I went to eat this in Saitama with friends, and the taste was really amazing! I was expecting something more bloody, as you can imagine how lever tastes like, even raw one! However, it turned out to be very fresh, tastes like more tuna fish. So it wasn't rather good than I expected and than you can imagine.

Reba-sashi {Lever Sashimi (Raw Lever)} Posted by Hello
Bottomline is, though, it's still better to try tuna fish rather than challenging to have uncooked lever. Or, even I prefer raw beef, which is called "Yukke" (probably Korean food originally). Well, I believe that there is no food can beat multiple series of fresh sushi at a nice sushi bar in Japan where is located near by ocean/fish market!!!

Sushi is ever! That's what I thought by having the Reba-sashi.... :-P