Sunday, May 22, 2005

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Sesame in Ramen... Or Ramen in Sesame?!

This story would be one of my famous, funniest, hilarious story ever in my life!!!

The day, I just went to a Japanese noodle shop, and we were having a nice noodle... And somehow the God of Comedy found out himself to be very bored, and he decided to do something crazy to a normal guy.

I was just having a nice noodle, and when I decided to put some sasame on it, he gave me a test that how I can survive from having almost 1 kg (2 pounds) of sasame on the top of ramen, which is common Japanese noodle that you would never eat with such amount of sasame in general...

When I shake a bottle filled with sesame, the lid were too loose (I guess) and just poped out from it... and a seconde later, I found my noodle bowl was totally filled with sesame; in other words, the bowl was looked like just only sesame in a soup, or some dressing on a mountain of sesame...

There were 2 boy friends, and they couldn's stop laughing me and even they took pictures of the bowl and me, in shock and depressed. Even one of them told me that I've finally got a God of Comedy... I wanted to have a god's help though, I wasn't waiting for such outsider... Somehow, the god (my stupidity & my low-attention charactor) led me into the most stupided thing
I've ever done in my life... Well, the soup and noodle was like... You can imagine how it tasted like... You don't need any explanation for it... Just SESAME!!! The original soup was really good, but it turned out to be sesame with a bit of noodle soup...

I've never done such a thing, never! Have you done such weird and funny "happening"?! But even you try to catch an attention from others, or to be looked funny, I can tell you at least that the thing, putting too much sesame from a bottle into ur soup bowl (with the lid pops put into the bowl with in a sec) would not end with nice taste at all. It will ends having your neighbors laughing at you and eating just sesame...

That was my tough night to get over with...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The road to the US Capitol

I took this picture in 2004 in Washington DC, the US. I have nothing to talk
about, but simply, I can say... the world's economy, peace, and stability is
lost... If the country states theirselved as a leading country in the whole
world, I'd like to ask them to be a leading RESPECTABLE government that
would never get ANY objections EVEN from its own country. I understand that
all people are different; however, such government (the president B*sh)
should obtain his higher degree by his own intelligence to learn how to
control his country, how to maintain citizens peace, how to promise what he
would said before, how to speak correct English...
Well, since I don't know much about what his situations are, and it should
not be easy though, at least native speaker should be able to use correct
grammar so that no reportor at his talk would not complain about his
horrible grammatical mistakes that no one can easily understand...
Is he a really such world-leading country (this earth)'s leader??

If there is a such straight way to the INSIDE of Capitol in which I can just
give them a small talk, I'd like to walk straight, and I'm not confident
with my English, so I'd employ a TRANSLATOR to give them a talk, because it
should be a shame that if anybody raise a hand and claims about my
gramattical mistakes...

The street seems to be very flat, clean... I hope, in reality, people who
can join to the Congress had much more ability to correct his educational
level to even at normal level that he can think and talk by his own words...

Anyway, this is the straight road to the Capitol... to the center of the
world, to the center of the madness... May this world would become more
fair, safe, no-war, peaceful planet...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


On the last day of the Golden Week (one of the longest national holidays in Japan), I went to watch a baseball game. The game was so exciting, and luckily we could get the front row in left outer field. The game was totally controlled by a team, Softbank Hawks, but we could watch many hits and runs. Unfortunately there wasn't homerun in the game; however, there was one liner shot right in front of us! The net was tumbled so hard that you can never feel it by just watching through TV.

One of things you can find in Japanese baseball is supporters. In the outer field, funs filled with the outer field and cheers players. And amazingly, they have certain way to cheer each player. So if there are 9 players, they sing (cheer) a song for each player in different way. So here, I thought that Japanese baseball teams do not need to hire their cheerleaders, because supporters are more than enough to do that.

I recognized one thing, even they look just normal in town; however, they are really into and excite with the game in the stadium, makes them great well-cooperating cheer-leaders!!!

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Second time in my life to climb up to the Tokyo Tower. The height is only 333M though, it used to be the highest building in Japan.

But still, the view from the window to look down the street way below my foot was very scary... (@o@)/~~~

Unfortunately, the view on the outside was not good because of clouds... but, still, looking down on those skyscrapers surrounding the tower was spectacular!!!

This is way better than the view from my house's top terrace.. If you know
better or even just nice view in the world, just drop me a line please :-)

Friday, May 06, 2005

La Folle Journee au Japon

There was a Bethoben cerebration in Tokyo recently. That fiesta was biggest
one in my life. More than 2000 PRO-musicians from all around the world
gather at the place, and they play musics. Some time they do in a huge hall,
other time, you can see them right in front of you.

There, I was really inspired by classical musics and reminded me that
classical musics facilitate your brain when you study something. There are
many articles about it; (classical) musics helps memory. At this time,
actually I felt was that I couldn't stop thinking about ideas about
research. Such as, those musicians who has absolute hearing may use the same
area of brain where people usually use while they talk. Or, I even think
about deja-vu, why they feel the weird sense that they cannot remind/never
experienced before; however, they FEEL that they have experienced before.

Well, probably I will talk about those in the near future, definitely
classical music works!!! As I remember, I was listening to music when I
studied hard when I was high school student, and it worked well that time.
So, at least, it works for me :-D

So, why dont you try?!

RIKEN's Open Day on Apr. 23rd

RIKEN's Open Day.

Maro with Dave (the doll with brainwave cap; subject's appearance in my lab) Posted by Hello

There was a RIKEN's Open Day (to the public), where I work. At the party, we introduced what we are researching. And I wore a cow gawn which I wear for experiment, and introduced Dave, the guy next to me in the pic. The Dave represents subjects' style when they undergo our MEG (megneticencephalography) experiments with EEG(electroencephalography; aka brainwave) cap.